Players can begin playing tennis as young as 4 years old!


Monroe Sports Center is one of the first facilities in NJ to introduce a tennis program geared specifically towards younger children. Our 10 and Under Tennis instruction takes a new and innovative approach to introducing kids to the game.  Balls are lower in compression; they bounce lower and don't move as fast so they are easier to hit.  This allows kids time to get to the ball and helps them develop optimal swing patterns.  Racquets are sized for small hands, and the courts are smaller and easier to cover.  This all equals more fun and less frustration, allowing children to start rallying and playing points immediately.

  10 & Under Red Ball  

This fun filled program will introduce your child to the game of tennis in an energetic and success oriented environment.  The primary focus will be on developing tennis motor skills through a variety of creative and entertaining tennis games and challenges. Special red low compression balls and smaller courts are used based on the child's age and level.  Children will be placed with similar age groups and abilities. 

  10 & Under Orange Ball  

This program is for those students who have graduated from our Red Ball program or have prior tennis experience and is designed for children to start playing points immediately.  Orange low compression balls will be utilized to provide success and correct repetitive stroke mechanics.  Our Orange Ball program teaches our students the basic skills  of hitting balls over the net and playing points as well as making tennis fun.


Time Level Dates
6:30-7pm Red Ball March 19 - June 11*
*There will be NO Monday class on May 28
Time Level Dates
5-6pm Red Ball February 27 - May 15
6-7pm Orange Ball February 27 - May 15
Time Level Dates
6-7pm Red Ball February 28 - May 30*
7-8pm Orange Ball February 28 - May 30*
*There was NO class on March 7 & 21 due to snow (additional weeks have been added)
Time Level Dates
5-6pm Orange Ball March 22 - June 7
6-6:30pm Red Ball April 12 - June 28
Time Level Dates
4-5pm Red Ball March 16 - June 1
6-7pm Orange Ball March 9 - May 25
Time Level Dates
8-9am Orange Ball March 31 - June 16
10-11am Red Ball  March 31 - June 16
2-3pm Red Ball March 31 - June 16
2-3pm Orange Ball March 31 - June 16
Time Level Dates
11am-12pm Red Ball April 8 - June 24
11am-12pm Orange Ball April 8 - June 24
3-4pm Red Ball April 15 - July 1
3-4pm Orange Ball April 15 - July 1
Spring Junior Tennis Clinics run for 12 weeks (unless otherwise specified)
4:1 student to instructor ratio
Minimum of 2 players needed to run a clinic



***NEW***: Players will be asked to select the specific dates you would like to attend.  So if you know in advance that you will have to miss a class, you can just not select those dates and select your makeups (if you want) on other days of the week.  You will only be charged for the classes you select.  If you register for anywhere from 1-11 classes as a non-member, you will be charged the single class rate ($25/class).  If you register for 12 or more total classes as a non-member, you will be charged the discounted full season rate ($22.50/class = $270 for 12 classes).  If you are a member, you will pay $20/class regardless of how many you register for.

1 Hour Tennis Clinic:
Non-Members - 
Single Class Rate: $25 per class
Register for 12 or More Total Classes (can be combination of any classes): $22.50 per class
Members $20 per class 
30 Minute Tennis Clinic
Non-Members - 
Single Class Rate: $12.50 per class
Register for 12 or More Total Classes (can be combination of any classes): $11.25 per class
Members $10 per class 
Junior Membership Fee: $50/person
Membership expires a year from purchase date
Make-up Policy: Players MUST notify the club at, 24 hours in advance to receive a make-up. Make-ups may be used in the current season (space permitting) ONLY and players MUST let MSC know in advance what day and time they are using this make-up, no walk-ins allowed. If you are unable to use your make-up during the current season, a credit towards next season will be placed on your account. There is a maximum of 2 make-up credits per season. 

MSC offers rolling admissions so you can register your child at any time during the session (space permitting). You can register by calling MSC directly at 609-426-4000 or click register next to the class below. If the class has already started already, the price will automatically be pro-rated.