Players will be broken down into groups, based on age and skill level

All players need to be able to handle the ball! The key to being a successful ball handler is confidence and daily work on improving your dribbling skills. When working on ball handling drills, players should first work on technique, second on speed and third under pressure or in gamelike conditions. Our clinic focuses strictly on the fundamentals of ball handing and dribbling. The staple of this clinic is repetition and progressive drill work. This is a high intensity clinic that is intended to help each player become a better basketball player by becoming a skilled ball handler and aggressive dribbler. 

Clinic Highlights:

  • Scoring off the dribble
  • One on One Attack Moves
  • Create space and seperation for your defender
  • Create your own scoring opportunites with the dribble
  • Dribbling drills that simulate game situations and condition the players to move at game speed


$35 if paid in full by March 22, $45 if paid after March 22




September 9, 2017


December 3, 2016

December 6, 2015