MSC utilizes Revolutionary & Proprietary Scheduling Software for all Team Scheduling Requests!

General Information:

  • Summer 2017 Season runs from June 9 through early September
  • Teams may choose to end their season in early August - PERFECT FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS!
  • Each Division is broken down into subdivisions, based on skill level 
  • Teams can choose to play 12 or 10 games in the regular season
  • Approximately half the teams in each division will make the playoffs
  • All game times on Mon-Fri evenings between 8:00-10:30pm and/or Sun evenings between 6-10pm
  • Includes 10 league T-shirts per team
  • Includes 2 officials and scorekeepers at every game
  • League scheduling, referee assigning, administration and website run by MSC 
  • Games played at either MSC's or CJB's state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility 


  • Individual players will be placed on one of our House teams
  • House teams are generally composed of 8-11 individuals 
  • Minimum 8 players necessary to form house team with a maximum of 11 players on the team
  • Teammate Requests are accepted

Scheduling Requests:

​Scheduling requests will be accepted.  If you cannot play on certain days of the week or at certain times, please let us know in advance and you will NOT be scheduled during those times.  Please keep in mind that the first priority is to schedule the most competitive matchups possible. The more restrictions you list, the more challenging it becomes to schedule games at exactly the right level. Once the schedule is posted, all game times are final.  Please email all scheduling requests to 

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Pricing: Includes ALL costs: referees, scorekeepers, shirts, playoffs:

  • 12 Game Season: $1,040 per team if paid by June 15, $1,150 if paid after June 15

  • 10 Game Season: $875 per team if paid by June 15, $975 if paid after June 15

  • Individual Players: $110 per player for 10 game season if paid by June 15, $130 if paid after June 15

Email or call 609-426-4044 for more information or to sign up.


Based out of MSC - Monroe

Based out of CJB (formerly Kelvin's) - Marlboro