Tournament Rules & Rosters

All Matches Played Indoors on the AIR-CONDITIONED courts at

Monroe Sports Center

4 Farrington Blvd, Monroe, NJ 08831


Rules & Format

  • Each individual match will be a total of 8 games, no-ad scoring.  If the score gets to 4-4, then a 7 point tiebreaker will be played.
  • Team matches will be determined by the number of matches won by each team, regardless of the individual score of each match. For example if Team A wins 5-3, loses 1-7 and wins 5-4, then Team A wins the match 2-1. 
  • After the round robin portion of each division is complete, the #1 seed will play the #2 seed for the championship and the #3 seed will play the #4 seed for 3rd place.  If teams are tied are the end of pool play, the first tiebreaker is head to head between tied teams.  The 3 teams end up tied, then the seedings will be determined by overall games won.


Group A

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Group B

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