Sat Apr 14 - Sun Apr 15

Boys & Girls Divisions: 3rd Grade - 12th Grade


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Tournament Details:

  • 3+ games: Each team guaranteed 3 games.  Top 2 teams in each division qualify for additional championship game.
  • 1st Place Teams in each division receive free entry into National Championship in Orlando, Florida.
  • Top 4 teams in each division qualify for National Championship.
  • All Championship teams will receive Championship T-shirts.
  • Primary Locations: AIR-CONDITIONED basketball courts at Monroe Sports Center or Central Jersey Basketball 
  • Other Potential Locations: Clark, Edison, Freehold, Holmdel, Howell or West Windsor
  • Teams can request locations
  • 2 Certified Officials at every game
  • Scorekeeper provided for every game


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Return completed form to info@MonroeSportsCenter.com



If registered and paid in full by April 6: $295

After April 6: $330

MULTI-TEAM DISCOUNT: $25/team discount for 2 or more teams, $50/team discount for 5 or more teams


Game Rules (Same as MJBL):

Boys & Girls All Divisions (2nd Grade - HS)

  • 20 minute running clock for each half, stopped clock last 1 min of first half, last 2 min of 2nd half.  3 min halftime
  • 3 timeouts per game. 1 timeout per OT. No Carry Over
  • 1st OT is 2min. 2nd OT is 1min. 3rd OT is sudden death (even FT)
  • Each half shoot 1 and 1 after 10 team fouls. No Double Bonus. End of Game: 1and1 after 2nd foul under 2min of 2nd half
  • Shooting fouls are 2 shots for 2 pointer or 3 shots for 3 pointer


  • Boys & Girls Grades 2-6: Pressing is allowed last 4 min of each half, unless 1 team is up by 25 points or more.
  • Boys & Girls Grades 7-HS: Pressing is allowed all game unless 1 team is up by 25 points or more.
Foul Out Rules:
Each Player fouls out after 5 personal fouls (except Boys HS division each player fouls out after 6 personal fouls). If a team's 5th player fouls out and there are no other players on the bench to put in the game, the team has 2 options:
1) They can play the remainder of the game 4 on 5.  If another player fouls out, they must then play the remainder of the game 3 on 5, and so on.
2) The player that fouled out can remain in the game, but the opposing team is awarded a technical foul immediately, resulting in 2 shots and possession of the ball.  Every subsequent foul by that player who has fouled out will result in a technical foul as well.
Game Ball:
28.5" Basketballs will be used for all Girls Divisions and for all 3-6th Grade Boys Divisions
29.5" Basketballs will be used for Boys 7-12th Grade Divisions
If a game is crossover game between 2 teams in different divisions, the game will be played by the rules of the older division.
All teams must have a coach or an adult (21 or over) on the bench at all games.