MSC "Social Distancing" Pickleball Challenges

Just becuse we are all stuck at home doesn't mean we can't still work on our pickleball game and have some fun.  MSC Pickleball Director Jeff Onuschak will be posting a series of videos on our social media with Pickleball Challenges.  You can find these videos with the links below.  When you complete a challenge, email and we'll post your name in the Wall of Fame under the challenge that you have completed.  If you can, video yourself completing the challenge, send that to as well and we'll post that on social media as well.  Anyone who completes all 8 challenges will receive 1 free Pickleball Drills for Success Class once MSC is able to reopen.


Challenge 1: 25 Forehand Dinks

Click Here to view Challenge 1 video


Challenge 2: 25 Backhand Dinks

Click Here to view Challenge 2 video


Challenge 3: 25 Forehand & Backhand Dinks

Click Here to view Challenge 3 video


Challenge 4: 15 Forehand & Bankhand Dinks Down The Line/Crosscourt Combination

Click Here to view Challenge 4 video


MSC  Pickleball  Wall  of  Fame

Challenge 1:

Forehand Dinks(25)

Challenge 2:

Backhand Dinks(25)

 Challenge 3:

FH & BH Dinks in Combination(25)

Challenge 4:

FH & BH Dinks DTL/CC in Combination(15)

Connie Bergen Connie Bergen Connie Bergen Phillip Dey
Phillip Dey Phillip Dey Phillip Dey  



Challenge 5:

Forehand Air Volleys(15)

Challenge 6:

Backhand Air Volleys (15)

 Challenge 7:

FH & BH Air Volleys in Combination(15)

Challenge 8:

TZ Zone dink, NVZdink(FH/BH), Air Volley(FH/BH)(5)




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