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Welcome to the Monroe Sports Center Adult Team Tennis League! Our league offers players a friendly, yet competitive, format for adult tennis players where the main focus is on teamwork and player development. It provides players of all skill levels an easy, fun and competitive option to play more tennis matches year round. 

Fall 2019 Night/Weekend League Starts Oct 28, 2019
ATT Details:
  • Night/Weekend Season begins Oct 28 and runs through Feb
  • Each Daytime team match will consist of 3 Doubles matches & 1 Singles match.
  • Each Night/Weekend team match will consist of 2 Doubles matches & 2 Singles matches
  • Each team match is best 2 out of 3 sets (regular scoring)
  • If a match is not completed after the 1.5hr time limit, whoever is winning at the time wins that point
  • Daytime matches will be played Monday-Friday between 9am-1pm
  • Evening matches will be played Monday-Thursday between 9-11pm
  • Weekend matches will be played Sunday between 8am-10am or 3:30-5pm
  • All matches played indoors at Monroe Sports Center's climate controlled facility
  • Players can register as a Team or Individual (Levels 2.5-4.0)
  • If registering as a Team, all players must still register individually (provide team/captain name upon registration)
  • Players matched up against opponents of a similar skill level
  • MUST be a USTA Member (fee paid directly to USTA on the USTA website)




$24 - USTA Registration Fee (paid directly to USTA)


Daytime (Mon-Fri): $140 per team per match ($20/player) - Match Fee (paid to MSC at the desk before each match)

Evening/Weekend: $174 per team per match ($29/player) - Match Fee (paid to MSC at the desk before each match)


If a player doesn't show up, the team is still responsible for the entire $140 or $174 team fee PLUS the fee for the players on the other team who didn't get to play a match. 


For example,  if 1 player doesn't show up for a daytime match, that team forfeits the singles match and would owe a total of $160 ($140 regular fee plus $20 for the other team's singles player)


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