Tennis Classifieds 2021-2022

Monroe Sports Center Tennis Classifieds is a place for MSC members to post messages for other members to see. Messages include groups and/or individuals looking for tennis partners and/or groups or individuals looking to sell their court. To post a message or respond to a message you can email or contact the Tennis Department at 609-426-4000.  


7-8PM 13 Year old Junior male looking for hitting partner season court with Marek Hep.  *Must be approved by Marek Hep to join this group.


9-10PM Adult Female Level 2.5-3.0 Looking for a couple players at this level to join this group and share court for the 36 week season.


6-7pm Junior Adv Intermediate player looking for a hitting partner to join this season court every week. (Age 18)


4:30PM-5:30PM  Adv Beg Season Court looking for another player for the season (Ages 13-14)


5-6PM Intermediate 14 year old male player looking for a hitting partner with Marek

7-8pm 13 year old Male advanced player looking for hitting partner. with Marek


12PM-1PM Advanced Beginner 12 year old male looking for another player at this level to join this semi private group for the entire season with Johna