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Monroe Sports Center is the proud host of the Adult Basketball League. Our adult league runs four seasons a year and is open to teams and individuals of all levels. Teams are free to have as many or as little players as they want. MSC's adult basketball leagues are a great way to stay fit and satisfy your competitive spirit. League features professional referees, up-to-date standings online, plus team shirts. 

General Information:
  • Adult League seasons are held four times a year: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Multiple Divisions in Men's League, based on skill level and age (if applicable): Men's A, Men's B, Men's C
  • Teams can choose to play 12 or 10 games in the regular season
  • Approximately half the teams in each division will make the playoffs
  • Games may be played on Mon-Fri evenings between 8:00-10:30pm, and/or Sun evenings between 6-10pm
  • Includes 2 officials and scorekeepers at every game
  • League scheduling, referee assigning, administration and website run by MSC 
  • Games played at MSC's state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility 
  • Scheduling Requests are accepted

Individuals Looking to Join a Team:

  • Individual players will be placed on one of our House teams
  • House teams are generally composed of 8-10 individuals 
  • Teammate Requests are accepted
Game Rules:
  • 22 minute running clock halves (stops last 1 min of 1st half and last 2 min of 2nd half)
  • 1st OT is 3 min, 2nd OT is 2 min, 3rd OT is sudden death (includes FT)
  • 1 and 1 at 8 team fouls each half, double bonus after 10 team fouls. (2nd team foul under 2 min in 2nd half is 1 and 1, 4th team foul under 2 min in 2nd half is 2 shots)
  • 2 technical fouls for 1 player results in ejection from the gym, plus a possible suspension for future games.
  • Players are disqualified on their 6th personal foul. 
FOUL OUT RULES with no subsitutions left
Each Player fouls out after 6 personal fouls. If a team's 5th player fouls out and there are no other players on the bench to put in the game, the team has 2 options:
1) They can play the remainder of the game 4 on 5.  If another player fouls out, they must then play the remainder of the game 3 on 5, and so on. 
2) The player that fouled out can remain in the game, but the opposing team is awarded a technical foul immediately, resulting in 2 shots and possession of the ball.  Every subsequent foul by that player who has fouled out will result in a technical foul as well.

All players on every team must have matching (color) jerseys/shirts.  All game jerseys/shirts must have a number on the front or the back (both ok) as well.  Shorts/bottom (color) does not matter, only the top.  


To enforce this, there will be 1 free throw awarded to the opponent for every jersey/shirt that is not matching.  Below are examples of penalties that officials will give out before the game starts: 

If 1 player doesn't have a matching jersey/shirt, the opponent will receive 1 free throw plus possession of the ball to start the game.  

If 2 players from the same team don't have matching jerseys/shirts, the opponent will receive 2 free throws plus possession of the ball to start the game.   

If there are 4 players that don't have matching jerseys/shirts from 1 team and 1 player from the other team that doesn't have matching jersey/shirt, the team with 1 player not matching will receive 3 free throws plus possession of the ball to start the game. 

If there are 2 players from each team that both don't have matching jerseys/shirts, then they cancel each other out and no penalties are awarded. Game starts as normal with a jump ball.  

These penalties are not considered technical fouls & will not count towards personal fouls either. 

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