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MSC/CJB Independent Basketball Teams

Independent teams are basketball teams put together by parents or MSC/CJB coaches that are administered and scheduled by Monroe Sports Center.  Independent teams can choose exactly the practice and game package that they want.  The price of the team is based on the package chosen.

Advantages of Independent teams:

1. The players, parents and coach can choose exactly how many players they want on the team and who they want those players to be.

2. The players, parents and coach can choose exactly how many practices, league games and tournaments they want to play.  They can also choose if they want full court and half court practices.


Disadvantages of Independent teams:

1. The team is responsible for finding their own players.  MSC cannot fill an independent team with players from tryouts or from other teams.  If an independent team does not have enough players for a full team, all those players can still play together, but they would become part of an MSC Hawks team.  MSC would then find the other players to fill the team and the team would play the standard MSC Hawks package (8 half court practices, 8 MJBL games, 1 tournament).

Independent Team Pricing:

Independent teams must select the number of practices, league games and tournaments they wish to play.  They must select full court or half court practices and they may choose to have an MSC/CJB Coach or a parent may coach the team.  If they would like to have an MSC/CJB Coach, they may choose their coach, based on that coach's availability.  The way to calculate the price per player is by adding up the prices of all of the options selected and dividing by the number of players.  The prices for all options are:


8 MJBL Games: $850

10 MJBL Games: $1,050

12 MJBL Games: $1,250

14 MJBL Games: $1,430

-Tournaments: depends on the specific tournament.  on average, tournaments are generally about $100/game

-Practices at MSC: Half Court Practices: $70/hr, Full Court Practices: $110/hr

-Practices at CJB:  Half Court: $70/hr, Full Practice Court: $80/hr, Main Court: $110/hr

*Extra Discounted Rates at 4pm*

-MSC/CJB Coach: price varies based on Coach & Team Manager(s)/Parents agreement.

All Independent team balances must be paid in full for their full season schedule to be posted. If paying by check, please make out to either “Monroe Sports Center” or “Central Jersey Basketball”, depending on which facility the team practices at.


Independent teams may choose to purchase their own uniforms outside of MSC or they may choose to wear MSC Hawks, NJ Falcons or CJ Hawks uniforms.  Players that have either of those uniforms already do not need to purchase a new one.  Prices for uniforms are:

MSC Hawks/NJ Falcons uniform: $60 for reversible jersey and shorts

CJ Hawks uniform: $90 for reversible jersey and shorts

Information Needed from all Independent teams:

1. Complete roster with names, phone numbers, emails, birth dates and current grade.  The price per player will be based on committed players.  Independent teams cannot submit a roster with 8 players and say they are still looking for 2 more players and ask to divide the total price by 10, as opposed to 8.

2. Number of practices (full court or half court or combination)

3. Practice day/time desired.  Always ask if the team can practice at 4pm on any day of the week.

4. Number of MJBL games (8, 10, 12 or 14)

5. Tournaments (keep in mind that some tournaments charge admission)

6. Coach

7. Scheduling requests for games

8. Team Name

9. Approximate Skill Level at their age group (A, B or C)


Team X has 8 players looking to play 10 MJBL games, 10 half court 1 hour practices at MSC, no tournaments and use an MSC/CJB Coach.  

Price = 

10 games MJBL = $1,050

10 half court 1hr practices * $70 = $700

20 events MSC Coach * $30 = $600

Total Price = $2,350 / 8 players = $294 per player