Mid Jersey Basketball League Policy on Requesting a Game Change

One of the biggest benefits of playing in the MJBL is the ability for teams to submit scheduling requests and conflicts via the online scheduling request form and knowing those requests will be accommodated. In the last couple seasons, we have had an increasing number of requests to change games after the schedule is posted, even if those games fit within the requests. We want to be as accommodating and flexible as possible, but the result of accommodating these last minute game change requests is that we are forced to inconvenience at least 1 other team, and most likely 3 or more other teams. It has gotten to the point where we think the negative impact of these game changes is outweighing the benefit of the last minute flexibility so as of the Summer 2021 season and going forward, we will be implementing the following policies regarding game change requests:

Teams may not request to change a game within a week of the date of the game.  

  • If you let us know within a week of the game date that you cannot play, the game will go down as a forfeit loss.  There will be no credit or refund for forfeit losses.  We will then look for another team at the same age and level to fill in so your opponent still has a game. 
  • If a game is added or changed by MSC less than a week in advance of the game date, then we appreciate you doing everything you can to make it work, but we understand that it's not fair to force a team to forfeit a game that is added on short notice. If you absolutely can't play at the scheduled time, please let us know and we will still try to accommodate that change request.
  • If you let us know prior to a week before the game date that your team cannot play, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Thank you again for being part of the MJBL and we appreciate your support in our continued efforts to improve what has become the largest youth basketball league in NJ.