The Premier Basketball Facility in NJ

The state-of-the-art Monroe Sports Center Gym is the premier basketball gym in Central Jersey

The Monroe Sports Center features two regulation size basketball courts (84' x 50'), each with two main baskets and two additional baskets along the side. All four baskets on each court are attached permanently to the ceiling and can be retracted as needed. The height of the side baskets is adjustable from 8 to 10 feet. All baskets are college breakaway baskets with large glass backboards. We offer a family atmosphere for basketball players of all ages and levels (click on each option for more information):


There are four scoreboards on the wall. Two are large scoreboards with team name(not  home and visitor) score, time, possession, period, team fouls, and last player foul. The other two large scoreboards have score, quarter, fouls, possession and time.

Dividing the Courts

The courts are divided by a curtain that is solid up to 8 feet and mesh above that. The 8 foot solid curtain reduces noise and other distractions between courts. This state-of-the-art curtain is controlled electronically and can be raised to the ceiling. Additionally, each court has another electronically controlled curtain that divides the court into halves.

Viewing Area

Overlooking the entire gym is a large mezzanine (90' x 12'), great for viewing with theatre style permanent seating with cup holders.  There is also an additional lobby area that overlooks the gym with tables and chairs, and a 54" tv that plays live the games being played in the gym.

Other Amenities

There is a separate gym entrance for the basketball courts, as well as locker rooms. Water fountains are also available inside the gym; in addtion to numerous vending machines throughout the facility,

The sports center features ultra-modern air conditioning and heating with a state-of-the-art air filtering system.

Expert Coaches, Instructors & Directors

Former college players and or High School Coaches are available for requested services. Experienced tournament directors are available for planning events.


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