Monroe Sports Center is proud to announce the Eleventh year of the MJBL. The MJBL has become NJ's fastest growing youth basketball league. Over 25 years ago, Monroe Sports Center's Founder and President Fred Klatsky helped start the Mid Monmouth Basketball League with just 8 teams in 1 age group.  Fast forward to 2020 and now there are over 260 teams in 6 different age groups for both boys and girls.  The Mid-Jersey Basketball League (MJBL) started in the winter of 2009 with 12 teams in 2 divisions and has already grown to over 900 teams in 2019 and growing.

The MJBL utilizes Revolutionary & Proprietary Scheduling Software for all Team Scheduling Requests!

Season tips off...Hopefully Soon
For more information and to register for our MJBL Spring 2020 Season, click here. 

MJBL General Information:

  • MJBL seasons are held four times a year: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  • League open to all level teams (AAU Teams, "A" Teams, "B" Teams, Parochial Teams, etc.)
  • Teams can choose to play 12, 10 or 8 game in the regular season
  • Individual players will be placed on one of our MSC Hawks teams
  • League scheduling, referee assigning, administration and website run by MSC 
  • Referee fees are included in the cost of the league
  • MJBL teams get discounted gym practice time during the season 
  • Most games played at MSC's state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility (Any game not played at MSC will be at a convenient location for both teams)
  • MJBL will have East, Central, West, North & South Divisions so teams that live too far from Monroe Sports Center can play games at a more convenient location

MJBL Locations:

The MJBL will have East Divisions, Central Divisions, West Divisions, North Divisions and South Divisions so teams that live too far from Monroe Sports Center can play games at a more convenient location

Teams can choose multiple locations

  • Monroe Sports Center
  • Monroe Rec Center
  • Central Jersey Basketball (formerly Kelvin's) - Marlboro
  • Holmdel
  • West WIndsor
  • Howell
  • Rahway
  • Scotch Plains

MJBL Grade Divisions:

  • Boys & Girls: 3rd-4th Grade
  • Boys & Girls: 5th-6th Grade
  • Boys & Girls: 7-8th Grade
  • Boys & Girls High School

Multiple Divisions within each age group, based on age & skill level, when applicable 


MJBL Scoresheet:

Click here to download the official MJBL scoresheet

MJBL Game Rules:

Boys & Girls All Divisions (2nd Grade - HS)

  • 20 minute running clock for each half, stopped clock last 1 min of first half, last 2 min of 2nd half.  3 min halftime
  • 3 timeouts per game. 1 timeout per OT. No Carry Over
  • 1st OT is 2min. 2nd OT is 1min. 3rd OT is sudden death (even FT)
  • Each half shoot 1 and 1 after 10 team fouls. No Double Bonus. End of Game: 1and1 after 2nd foul under 2min of 2nd half
  • Shooting fouls are 2 shots for 2 pointer or 3 shots for 3 pointer


  • Boys & Girls Grades 2-6: Pressing is allowed last 4 min of each half, unless 1 team is up by 25 points or more.
  • Boys & Girls Grades 7-HS: Pressing is allowed all game unless 1 team is up by 25 points or more.
Foul Out Rules:
Each Player fouls out after 5 personal fouls (except Boys HS division each player fouls out after 6 personal fouls). If a team's 5th player fouls out and there are no other players on the bench to put in the game, the team has 2 options:
1) They can play the remainder of the game 4 on 5.  If another player fouls out, they must then play the remainder of the game 3 on 5, and so on.
2) The player that fouled out can remain in the game, but the opposing team is awarded a technical foul immediately, resulting in 2 shots and possession of the ball.  Every subsequent foul by that player who has fouled out will result in a technical foul as well.
Game Ball:
  • 28.5" Basketballs will be used for all Girls Divisions and for all 3-6th Grade Boys Divisions
  • 29.5" Basketballs will be used for Boys 7-12th Grade Divisions
Free Throws:
  • Girls 2-4th Grade free throw is from the 1st hash inside free throw line.  The shooter canont be the first to touch the ball.
  • Boys 2-4th Grade & Girls 5th Grade free throw must start behind the line but can jump over the line.  The shooter cannot be the first to touch the ball.
  • All other divisions must shoot free throws from behind the line and the shooter cannot cross the line until the ball hits the rim.
If a game is crossover game between 2 teams in different divisions, the game will be played by the rules of the older division.
All teams must have a coach or an adult (21 or over) on the bench at all games.
Email or call 609-426-4044 for more information or to sign up.



MJBL Growth

Number of MJBL teams by season

  Winter Spring Summer Fall Total
2020 269        
2019 220 301 194 217 932
2018 197 268 148 204 817
2017 162 244 146 196 748
2016 137 212 137 176 662
2015 121 194 132 155 602
2014 132 182 119 133 566
2013 99 144 90 134 467
2012 84 95 73 71 323
2011 50 52 50 56 208
2010 12 28 26 44 110


Previous Seasons

Click here for full standings for all previous seasons