MSC/CJB Basketball Rules & Policies

Makeup Policy

Players must call out at least 24 hours in advance to receive a makeup for all junior basketball classes.  Players who have makeups may use them in the current season (space permitting) ONLY.  Players must let MSC/CJB know in advance when they are going to use their makeup.  No walk-ins for makeups.

League Scheduling

MSC/CJB will make every effort to meet your scheduling requests.  All scheduling requests must be made in writing and submitted via email before the start of the league.  Be very specific in your requests, and do not assume MSC/CJB will not schedule games on certain days.  If MSC/CJB is open, games may be scheduled.  For example, if you do not want to play during Spring Break, or over a holiday weekend, etc, please include that in your requests BEFORE the season starts.  Once the schedule is posted, all games are FINAL and cannot be changed for any reason.


MSC/CJB has a NO REFUND/CREDIT POLICY.  MSC/CJB is not responsible for providing makeups or issuing refunds or credits for teams, leagues, games, practices, camps, clinics, etc missed as a result of any type of injury, illness, scheduling conflict, emergency, lack of playing time, or any other event out of the control of MSC/CJB.  If MSC/CJB cancels a program or is unable to place you on a team, you will receive a refund.

This policy is to ensure fairness for all customers.  Each program and team is specifically designed for a certain number of players.  By registering and paying for the team, you are locking in your spot.  Once the team fills, other players will be turned away.  Each team has a budget that is used to pay for the team's expenses (uniforms, coaches, gym time, ref fees, etc).  Providing refunds/credits would cause a shortfall in the team budget, which is why the policy is absolutely no refunds or credits for any reason.

Website & Email

MSC/CJB relies almost exclusively on the website and email to communicate with customers.  All schedules are published on the website, and an email will be sent to all coaches as soon as a schedule is published.  However, it is possible that email addresses get mistyped or emails get filtered to junk so it is the responsibility of each team and player to continuously check the website for schedule updates, especially at the beginning of a season. No refunds, credits, makeups or rescheduling will be given because you didn't see your email or weren't aware of a game or practice, as long as it is posted at least 1 week in advance.


It is understood and agreed to by all participants in all MSC/CJB basketball programs (clinics, leagues, teams, etc) that Monroe Sports Center is not liable for any bodily injury sustained by any player while at Monroe Sports Center.  Furthermore Monroe Sports Center is not responsible for any personal property which is lost, damaged or stolen

Policy for Booking Courts

Gym Time will not be reserved without full payment or the appropriate non-refundable deposit (when applicable).  A credit card number can be used to hold the reservation.  There are NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS if the reservation is canceled within 7 days of the court time.  If you cancel or can't make it and do not let us know within 7 days of the court time, you will still be charged.

Code of Conduct

All coaches, players, parents and spectators must conduct themselves in an orderly and professional manner. Everyone must show respect and good sportsmanship toward players, coaches, spectators, officials and MSC/CJB staff at all times. Any violation of this code of conduct by coach, player, parent or spectator may result in temporary or permanent suspension from MSC/CJB or any other appropriate remedy at the sole discretion of MSC/CJB and there will be NO partial or full refund or credit of any kind. 

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