Available Segment 1 Court Time

(Contracted court time available for weekly Segment 1 (Sept-Dec) bookings)

Day Time # of courts Red or Yellow?
Mondays 6am-7am 1 Yellow & Red
Mondays 7:30am-9am 3 Red
Mondays 7:30am-9am 1 Yellow
Tuesdays 6am-7am 3 Yellow
Tuesdays 7:30am-9am 3 Red
Wednesdays 6am-7am 1 Yellow & Red
Wednesdays 7:30am-9am 3 Red
Wednesdays 8am-9am 3 Yellow
Thursdays 7:30am-9am 3 Red
Thursdays 7:30am-9am 2 Yellow
Thursdays 8am-9am 3 Yellow
Fridays 8am-9am 3 Red
Saturdays 5:30am-7am 3 Red
Sundays 5:30am-7am 1 Yellow

Courts for Sale:

(Daily open courts from contracted groups selling specific dates)

Group Name Date Time # of courts Red or Yellow?
Birdie Blasters Group Mon 9/25 10pm-11pm 1 Yellow
Chatha Group Mon 10/2 10pm-11pm 1 Yellow
Chatha Group Mon 10/9 10pm-11pm 1 Yellow


Makeup Policy:


If the group cannot play on a scheduled day, you must notify us and we will attempt to sell the court to another group for you (or you can sell it and work it out yourself).  If the court sells then we will grant a makeup or credit.  If the court does not sell, then you unfortunately will lose that court time.  In the event of emergency, holidays, or religious purposes we will take it on a case to case basis and will rule accordingly.