Sat June 6 - Sun June 7, 2020

Boys & Girls Teams, Grades 2-12

Undefeated teams receive Championship T-shirts

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Tournament Details:

  • Each team guaranteed 3 games 
  • Any team that goes undefeated will receive Championship T-shirts
  • Primary Locations: AIR-CONDITIONED basketball courts at Monroe Sports Center or Central Jersey Basketball 
  • Other Potential Locations: Clark, Edison, Freehold, Hightstown, Howell or West Windsor
  • Teams can request locations
  • 2 Certified Officials at every game
  • Scorekeeper provided for every game‚Äč


$265 per team if paid by May 29, $295 per team after May 29

MULTI-TEAM DISCOUNT: $25/team discount for 2 or more teams, $50/team discount for 5 or more teams


Pool Play Tiebreaker Rules:

1. Head to Head winner advances.

2. If 2 or more teams are tied, the point differentials of all games played are totaled and the team with the highest point differential advances.  The maximum amount of points that can be counted towards the point differential tiebreaker is 15.  In the event of a forfeit, the score will be 15-0.

3. If the point differential tiebreaker does not break the tie, the team with the least amount of cumulative points allowed in all of their games will advance.


Game Rules (Same as MJBL):

Boys & Girls All Divisions (2nd Grade - HS)

  • 20 minute running clock for each half, stopped clock last 1 min of first half, last 2 min of 2nd half.  3 min halftime
  • 3 timeouts per game. 1 timeout per OT. No Carry Over
  • 1st OT is 2min. 2nd OT is 1min. 3rd OT is sudden death (even FT)
  • Each half shoot 1 and 1 after 10 team fouls. No Double Bonus. End of Game: 1and1 after 2nd foul under 2min of 2nd half
  • Shooting fouls are 2 shots for 2 pointer or 3 shots for 3 pointer


  • Boys & Girls Grades 2-6: Pressing is allowed last 4 min of each half, unless 1 team is up by 25 points or more.
  • Boys & Girls Grades 7-HS: Pressing is allowed all game unless 1 team is up by 25 points or more.
Foul Out Rules:
Each Player fouls out after 5 personal fouls (except Boys HS division each player fouls out after 6 personal fouls). If a team's 5th player fouls out and there are no other players on the bench to put in the game, the team has 2 options:
1) They can play the remainder of the game 4 on 5.  If another player fouls out, they must then play the remainder of the game 3 on 5, and so on.
2) The player that fouled out can remain in the game, but the opposing team is awarded a technical foul immediately, resulting in 2 shots and possession of the ball.  Every subsequent foul by that player who has fouled out will result in a technical foul as well.
Game Ball:
  • 28.5" Basketballs will be used for all Girls Divisions and for all 3-6th Grade Boys Divisions
  • 29.5" Basketballs will be used for Boys 7-12th Grade Divisions
Free Throws:
  • Girls 2-4th Grade free throw is from the 1st hash inside free throw line.  The shooter canont be the first to touch the ball.
  • Boys 2-4th Grade & Girls 5th Grade free throw must start behind the line but can jump over the line.  The shooter cannot be the first to touch the ball.
  • All other divisions must shoot free throws from behind the line and the shooter cannot cross the line until the ball hits the rim.
If a game is crossover game between 2 teams in different divisions, the game will be played by the rules of the older division.
All teams must have a coach or an adult (21 or over) on the bench at all games.