MSC Men's Basketball League

Winter 2022-23 Season


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Gym Locations

MSC Red & MSC Yellow
Monroe Sports Center
4 Farrington Blvd
Monroe, NJ 08831

Central Jersey Basketball

2 Timber Lane
Marlboro, NJ 07746


Winter 2022-23 Schedule

Additional games will be posted soon

Day Date Time Location
Sun Nov 27 9:55 PM .Rasmussen Realty Group (114) vs Parlin Warriors (48) MSC.Red
Tue Nov 29 10:20 PM .The Hairless Swamp Rats vs Markel Musketeers CJB.Court 1
Wed Nov 30 9:05 PM Cape May Shoes (48) vs The Boys To Men Ballers (56) MSC Yellow
Wed Nov 30 9:55 PM Morehead State (86) vs Howell Wolves (55) CJB Court 1
Thu Dec 1 9:30 PM Team Riverdale Elite vs Dishing and Swishing MSC Yellow
Fri Dec 2 8:55 PM Slam Drunks vs Lads On Tour MSC Red
Tue Dec 6 8:35 PM Deadeye Hoops vs Weesh Alley CJB Court 1
Wed Dec 7 9:55 PM .Super Slime vs Deadeye Hoops MSC.Red
Wed Dec 7 9:55 PM Lepping A vs Dub Nation CJB Court 1


coming soon

*clinched playoffs



1. Winning percentage between all tied teams (head to head).

2. Winning percentage vs highest ranked common opponent, based on opponent winning percentage, regardless of what division they are in.  Tiebreaker reverts back to head-to-head at any time, if applicable.

3. Winning percentage within division

4. Coin Flip.

note: All tournament games played within the current season against other league teams will NOT count towards each team's league record, but those games WILL count towards the tiebreakers.



***************VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ **************************************

Code of Conduct

All coaches, players, parents and spectators shall conduct themselves in an orderly and professional manner. Everyone shall show respect and good sportsmanship toward players, coaches, spectators, officials and MJBL staff at all times. Physically assaulting, punching, verbally abusing, cursing, derogatory comments and/or threatening any player, coach, official, parent, spectator or MJBL staff is strictly prohibited. 

Any individual violating the Code of Conduct are subject to penalties:

  1. Written warning
  2. 1 game suspension

- If a player or coach gets 2 technical fouls, an automatic ejection from the game and automatic suspension for the next game (& possibly more).

- If a parent or fan steps on the court to challenge a referee, player or coach, that individual will be ejected from the gym and automatic suspension for the next game (& possibly more).

  1. Multiple game suspension

- If a punch is thrown, an automatic ejection from the game and minimum 3 game suspension.

  1. 1 year suspension
  2. Life time ban


Spectator Code of Conduct

Spectators should NEVER address the referees.  It doesn't matter if you think the referee is out of position or makes a bad call. It is exclusively up to the coach to respectfully address the referees. If a spectator disrespectfully addresses a referee, that team's coach will be subject to the following penalties.

1. After the first offense, the referee will give a warning to the coach and it is the coach's responsibility to make sure their spectators are aware of the warning and the potential penalties if the behavior continues.

2. If it happens again from any spectator on that team (it does not have to be the same individual), the referee will issue a technical foul to the coach.  Again, it is the coach's responsibility to make the spectators aware of why the technical was issued and make them aware of the potential penalties if the behavior continues.

3. If it happens a 3rd time from any spectator on that team (again, it does not have to be the same individual), the game will end and it will be declared a forfeit loss for the offending team, regardless of the time remaining or the current score.


Referee Code of Conduct

Referees should NEVER address spectators.  If a referee has an issue with a spectator, they should follow the guidelines above and issue the warnings and technical fouls to the coach, without speaking to the spectators.

If a referee disrespectfully addresses a spectator or coach, the referee will NOT be paid for that game and may face suspension from future games.


Post Game Code of Conduct

Once the game ends, there is absolutely no reason to continue to argue or berate a referee, coach or opposing parent.  Any spectator that approaches a referee, coach, staff member or other spectator in an aggressive, threatening or disrespectful manner after a game will be automatically suspended for at least 1 game.




There will be NO refund or credit for any missed games due to suspension                                                                                               

It is the responsibility of each team Manager(s) and/or Head Coach to review the Code of Conduct with their players & parents prior to the start of the season.


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