Basketball Skills Training for all Levels


Our Skills Sessions program is committed to the long-term growth and development of youth basketball players.  Through repetitive skill work, players will develop the skills required to play at a higher level than they are right now.  All aspects of the game will be covered: ball-handling, shooting, passing, defense and conditioning techniques.     

Players of all skill levels are welcome! As a member of this program you will benefit tremendously from this training, regardless of the age and level of the other players in the class. Our main focus is on developing each player's individual skills which will help improve your overall game. The ages and levels of the other members in the group will not affect what each individual player can get out of this training. 

2022-23 Season
Day Grades 3-5 Grades 6-12 Class Dates


5-6pm 5-6pm Sept 12, 2022 - Aug 28, 2023*
Wednesdays 4-5pm 4-5pm Sept 7, 2022 - Aug 30, 2023
Thursdays 5-6pm** 5-6pm** Sept 8, 2022 - Aug 31, 2023*
Sundays 11am-12pm* 11am-12pm* Oct 2, 2022 - Sept 3, 2023*

       *NO Class Mon May 29 or Sun Apr 9

**Thursday April 27 class will be 4pm


Skills Sessions Curriculum:

  • Week 1:  Ball Handling/Dribbling
  • Week 2:  Footwork, Body Control 
  • Week 3:  Layups
  • Week 4:  Passing & Receiving
  • Week 5:  Rebounding
  • Week 6:  Defense
  • Week 7:  Shooting
  • Week 8:  Offensive Moves & Finishing
  • Weeks 9 & 10:  Offensive Concepts

Program Curriculum will repeat every ten weeks all season long, see above for detailed schedule


Register for any 10 or more classes: Only $22.50 per class

Single Class Rate: $30 per class


Make-up Policy: Thank you for being a valued customer here at Monroe Sports Center, we do appreciate it and want to ensure you get the full value for all programs you register for.  In order for us to staff our classes properly you MUST notify the club at 24 hours in advance to receive a make-up. Make-ups may be used at any time(space permitting) and players MUST be registered in advance for all make-up classes, no walk-ins permitted.

MSC offers rolling admissions so you can register your child at any time during the session (space permitting). Click register next to the class below. If the class has already started, the price will automatically be pro-rated. 


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  Mon Wed Thurs
Week 1:  Ball Handling/Dribbling 12-Sep-22 7-Sep-22 8-Sep-22
Week 2:  Footwork, Body Control  19-Sep-22 14-Sep-22 15-Sep-22
Week 3:  Layups 26-Sep-22 21-Sep-22 22-Sep-22
Week 4:  Passing & Receiving 3-Oct-22 28-Sep-22 29-Sep-22
Week 5:  Rebounding 10-Oct-22 5-Oct-22 6-Oct-22
Week 6:  Defense 17-Oct-22 12-Oct-22 13-Oct-22
Week 7:  Shooting 24-Oct-22 19-Oct-22 20-Oct-22
Week 8:  Offensive Moves & Finishing 31-Oct-22 26-Oct-22 27-Oct-22
Weeks 9:  Offensive Concepts 7-Nov-22 2-Nov-22 3-Nov-22
Week 10:  Offensive Concepts 14-Nov-22 9-Nov-22 10-Nov-22
Week 1:  Ball Handling/Dribbling 21-Nov-22 16-Nov-22 17-Nov-22
Week 2:  Footwork, Body Control  28-Nov-22 23-Nov-22 1-Dec-22
Week 3:  Layups 5-Dec-22 30-Nov-22 8-Dec-22
Week 4:  Passing & Receiving 12-Dec-22 7-Dec-22 15-Dec-22
Week 5:  Rebounding 19-Dec-22 14-Dec-22 22-Dec-22
Week 6:  Defense 26-Dec-22 21-Dec-22 29-Dec-22
Week 7:  Shooting 2-Jan-23 28-Dec-22 5-Jan-23
Week 8:  Offensive Moves & Finishing 9-Jan-23 4-Jan-23 12-Jan-23
Weeks 9:  Offensive Concepts 16-Jan-23 11-Jan-23 19-Jan-23
Week 10:  Offensive Concepts 23-Jan-23 18-Jan-23 26-Jan-23
Week 1:  Ball Handling/Dribbling 30-Jan-23 25-Jan-23 2-Feb-23
Week 2:  Footwork, Body Control  6-Feb-23 1-Feb-23 9-Feb-23
Week 3:  Layups 13-Feb-23 8-Feb-23 16-Feb-23
Week 4:  Passing & Receiving 20-Feb-23 15-Feb-23 23-Feb-23
Week 5:  Rebounding 27-Feb-23 22-Feb-23 2-Mar-23
Week 6:  Defense 6-Mar-23 1-Mar-23 9-Mar-23
Week 7:  Shooting 13-Mar-23 8-Mar-23 16-Mar-23
Week 8:  Offensive Moves & Finishing 20-Mar-23 15-Mar-23 23-Mar-23
Weeks 9:  Offensive Concepts 27-Mar-23 22-Mar-23 30-Mar-23
Week 10:  Offensive Concepts 3-Apr-23 29-Mar-23 6-Apr-23
Week 1:  Ball Handling/Dribbling 10-Apr-23 5-Apr-23 13-Apr-23
Week 2:  Footwork, Body Control  17-Apr-23 12-Apr-23 20-Apr-23
Week 3:  Layups 24-Apr-23 19-Apr-23 27-Apr-23
Week 4:  Passing & Receiving 1-May-23 26-Apr-23 4-May-23
Week 5:  Rebounding 8-May-23 3-May-23 11-May-23
Week 6:  Defense 15-May-23 10-May-23 18-May-23
Week 7:  Shooting 22-May-23 17-May-23 25-May-23
Week 8:  Offensive Moves & Finishing 5-Jun-23 24-May-23 1-Jun-23
Weeks 9:  Offensive Concepts 12-Jun-23 31-May-23 8-Jun-23
Week 10:  Offensive Concepts 19-Jun-23 7-Jun-23 15-Jun-23
Week 1:  Ball Handling/Dribbling 26-Jun-23 14-Jun-23 22-Jun-23
Week 2:  Footwork, Body Control  3-Jul-23 21-Jun-23 29-Jun-23
Week 3:  Layups 10-Jul-23 28-Jun-23 6-Jul-23
Week 4:  Passing & Receiving 17-Jul-23 5-Jul-23 13-Jul-23
Week 5:  Rebounding 24-Jul-23 12-Jul-23 20-Jul-23
Week 6:  Defense 31-Jul-23 19-Jul-23 27-Jul-23
Week 7:  Shooting 7-Aug-23 26-Jul-23 3-Aug-23
Week 8:  Offensive Moves & Finishing 14-Aug-23 2-Aug-23 10-Aug-23
Weeks 9:  Offensive Concepts 21-Aug-23 9-Aug-23 17-Aug-23
Week 10:  Offensive Concepts 28-Aug-23 16-Aug-23 24-Aug-23
Week 10:  Offensive Concepts   23-Aug-23 31-Aug-23