Player Development Program


Fall/Winter 2022-23 Season

The CJ Hawks Player Development Program (PDP) is a new basketball training program led by MSC Basketball Director John Paul Duphiney and the top MSC Basketball Trainers, available exclusively to all CJ Hawks players at all age groups.  The purpose of the CJ Hawks PDP is to focus on each player to help develop their individual basketball skills and overall understanding of the game.

Highlights of the CJ Hawks PDP

  • Shooting Mechanics - Off Catch & Off Dribble
  • Man to Man Defensive Principles
  • Speed, Conditioning, Agility, Stretching & Strength
  • Ball Screens A-Z
  • Footwork
  • Game Condition Dribbling & Ball Handling
  • Offensive Finishing Moves Attacking Rim
  • Weak Hand Development
  • Post Moves
  • Mental Approach – Attitude, Effort & Energy.  Handling Success & Failure
  • Provide players with information to create personalized workouts
  • Possible Film Breakdown of PDP sessions and any games played at MSC using Baller TV.


  • There will be 2 PDP sessions per week throught the entire Fall/Winter 2022-23 season (Sun 11am-12pm at CJB & Wed 4-5pm at MSC), beginning Sun Sept 25 and ending Sun Feb 26 (20 weeks). 
  • As part of the CJ Hawks Winter season package, players may choose as many PDP sessions as you'd like at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
  • The complete schedule of PDP sessions is listed below and players will be asked to pre-register for specific sessions when they accept their selection to their CJH team. 
  • Limit 25 players per session.

​Important Note: These PDP sessions will have a combination of players from different grades. Sessions will be structured to help each individual player, no matter who is training with them.  PDP sessions will have competitive portions to reinforce training techniques.


All CJ Hawks players may register online for as many PDP sessions as you'd like by clicking the link below.  You do not have to register for all sessions at once and you can click the link below at any time to add sessions.  If you would like to change a session that you have already registered for, please call the MSC desk at 609-426-4000 or email basketball@monroesportscenter.com. 

There is a max of 25 players allowed in each session so if you wait too long, you may notice that some sessions are no longer available.


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CJ Hawks PDP Schedule