Fundamental Basketball Training for all Levels

Kelvin's Basketball Academy is a basketball skills and training program run by Kelvin Lewis. Fundamentals are a crucial aspect of the game of basketball and players should be taught the correct fundamentals early in their development. KBA classes will teach youth athletes of all levels proper footwork, how to handle the ball, basic offensive moves, shot mechanics, passing and defensive skills. Kelvin's goal is to tailor his classes to help players not only learn the basic concepts of the game but to also help them improve their individual game, while most importantly making it fun. Basketball fundamental training is the foundation for developing the rest of your game! 


Kelvin Lewis has been working with kids of all ages for over 25 years. His goal is to help build confidence, self-esteem and leadership. At “KBA” we are a family, therefore your kids become our kids. We keep them safe as they learn, grow and have fun while playing the game of basketball.



Day Time Grade Class Dates
Tuesdays 4-5pm K-1 March 5 - May 7
Tuesdays 5-6pm 2-3 (Advanced) Feb 26 - Apr 30
Tuesdays 6-7pm 3-4 Feb 26 - Apr 30
Wednesdays 4-5pm 2-3 Feb 20 - Apr 24
Wednesdays 5-6pm K Feb 13 - Apr 17
Wednesdays 6-7pm 4-6 Feb 13 - Apr 17
Thursdays 4-5pm PreK-K Feb 28 - May 2
Thursdays 5-6pm K-1 Feb 21 - Apr 25
Thursdays 6-7pm 2-3(League)* Feb 21 - Apr 25
Fridays 4:30-5:30pm 1-3(Advanced) Feb 15 - Apr 19
Fridays 5:30-6:30pm 4-8 Feb 15 - Apr 19
Sundays 9-10am 1-3 Feb 10 - Apr 14
*Make-ups are not permitted in this class
Kelvin's Basketball Academy runs for 10 weeks 
 Players will be asked to select the specific dates you would like to attend.  So if you know in advance that you will have to miss a class, you can elect to not select those specific dates and select your makeups (if you want) on other days of the week.  You will only be charged for the classes you select.  If you select less than 10 total classes, you will be charged the single class rate ($25/class).  If you register for 10 or more total classes, you will be charged the discounted full season rate ($19.50/class = $195 for 10 classes).  If you register for 20 or more classes, you will still receive the multi-class discounted rate ($14.75/class = $295 for 20 classes).




Single Class Rate: $25 per class
Register for 10-19 Total Classes (can be combination of any classes): $19.50 per class
Register for 20 or More Total Classes (can be combination of any classes): $14.75 per class
SIBLING DISCOUNT: CJB offers discounts for families with more than one child. This discount applies to any successive child from the same family that also enrolls in Kelvin's Basketball Academy in the same season. Each sibling will receive $2 off per class. The first child enrolled is not eligible for this discount.



Make-up Policy: Players MUST notify the club at 24 hours in advance to receive a make-up. Make-ups may be used in the current season (space permitting) ONLY and players MUST let CJB know in advance what day and time they are using this make-up, no walk-ins allowed. If you are unable to use your make-up during the current season, a credit towards next season will be placed on your account. There is a maximum of 2 make-up credits per season. 

CJB offers rolling admissions so you can register your child at any time during the session (space permitting). Click register next to the classes below. If the class has already started already, the price will automatically be pro-rated. 




Spring 2019 Schedule

Tues 4pm Tues 5&6pm Wed 4pm Wed 5&6pm Thurs 4pm Thurs 5&6pm Fridays Sundays
March 5 Feb 26 Feb 20 Feb 13 Feb 28 Feb 21 Feb 15 Feb 10
Mar 12 March 5 Feb 27 Feb 20 March 7 Feb 28 Feb 22 Feb 17
Mar 19 March 12 Mar 6 Feb 27 March 14 March 7 March 1 Feb 24
Mar 26 March 19 Mar13 March 6 March 21 March 14 March 8 March 3
Apr 2 March 26 Mar 20 March 13 March 28 March 21 Mar 15 March 10
Apr 9 Apr 2 Mar 27 March 20 Apr 4 March 28 Mar 22 March 17
Apr 16 Apr 9 Apr 3 March 27 Apr 11 Apr 4 Mar 29 March 24
Apr 23 Apr 16 Apr 10 Apr 3 Apr 18 Apr 11 Apr 5 March 31
Apr 30 Apr 23 Apr 17 Apr 10 Apr 25 Apr 18 Apr 12 Apr 7
May 7 Apr 30 Apr 24 Apr 17 May 2 Apr 25 Apr 19 Apr 14


Make-up Policy: Players must call out 24 hours in advance to receive a make-up. Players who have make-ups may use them in the current season (space permitting) ONLY. Players MUST let CJB know in advance when they are going to use their make-up, no walk-ins for make-ups.