MSC & CJB COVID-19 Safety Measures for Outdoor Basketball Games

(Oct 12) MSC is very excited to announce that the  Fall Adult League will be played exclusively inside and that the Fall MJBL and Basketball Tournaments will be played both inside and outside.  Click on each program for more information as well as online registration. MSC will be implementing the following policies and precautions to keep all players, coaches, referees and spectatorss as safe as possible during outdoor games. Please note that many of these safety measures and policies are subject to change as restrictions continue to be changed by the government.


Basketball Game Safety Measures

1. Any staff member or customer experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 or anyone who has been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the past two weeks should not attend any events. Any staff member or customer who has traveled to another country or to a state on the quarantine list should not attend any MSC events for 2 weeks following their return.

2. Teams should bring their own basketballs.  Make sure to write your name on your basketball. There will be no basketballs available at MSC.

3. Hand sanitizer will be placed on the scorer's table. Referees will be instructed to wash their hands at every break. It is recommended that coaches & players wash their hands at every break as well.

4. There will be benches provided at MSC for the team, but there will be no chairs for spectators. Parents may bring their own chairs and place them around the court to watch the games.

5. Cleaning spray and paper towels will also be placed on the scorer's table.  Coaches & Players may wipe down the benches before and/or after their game.

6. Only 1 parent volunteer may be asked to keep score.  This 1 parent volunteer will be responsible for doing both the clock and the book.  There will be hand sanitizer and cleaning spray on the scorer's table so the scorekeeper can wipe down any common surfaces.

7. All spectators should be socially distanced and should wear a mask.

8. Monroe Sports Center will still be open and the rest rooms will be available.  Signs will be put on the bathrooms that say maximum 2 people in the bathroom at one time.  Players should use the bathroom at home if possible to hopefully avoid using our public restroom, but the restroom will still be available.

9. Whenever possible, doors will be propped open so customers can avoid touching door handles.

10. All basketball league and tournament registration must be done in advance and all payments must be made online in advance. We would like to avoid all transactions at the desk if possible. We would actually like to avoid as much contact between customers and staff at the desk as possible.  With payments being made online and signs directing players right onto and off the court, players and parents should really have no reason to congregate at the desk.

11. Water fountains and vending machines will be shut down and taped off.  Players are reminded to bring their own waterbottles and not share with anyone.