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In Compliance with current NJ government regulations New York teams will only be playing against New York teams for all indoor games in this league

Season Begins January 2 and runs through early April


The NYOBL utilizes Revolutionary & Proprietary Scheduling Software for all Team Scheduling Requests!



Winter 2021 Season Information:

  • Season begins Saturday January 2 and runs through early April (spans 14-15 weeks)
  • League open to all level teams (AAU Teams, "A" Teams, "B" Teams, Parochial Teams, etc.)
  • Teams can choose to play 14, 12, 10 or 8 game in the regular season
  • Approximately half of the teams in each division make the playoffs
  • League scheduling, referee assigning, administration and website run by MSC 
  • Full schedule and updated standings posted on MSC website
  • Most games played at MSC or CJB's state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility (Any game not played at MSC will be at a convenient location for both teams)
  • Referee fees are included in the cost of the league
  • NYOBL teams get discounted gym practice time at MSC 



  • 14 game regular season:  $1375 per team if paid by January 3, $1725 per team after January 3
  • 12 game regular season: $1190 per team if paid by January 3, $1490 per team after January 3
  • 10 game regular season: $1000 per team if paid by January 3, $1250 per team after January 3
  • 8 game regular season: $810 per team if paid by January 3, $1010 per team after January 3

If you have access to a home gym, you may be able to play half your games at home for a reduced price.  The gym and the location must be approved by MSC.  Please contact MSC for more details at 609-426-4000.

Additional Multi Team Discount: Enter 3 or more teams from your town or club and receive $50 discount per team

Scheduling Requests:

  • Games for the NY Only Basketball league will be Saturdays 1-5pm & Sundays 4-7pm

  • All scheduling requests must be submitted via the Online Scheduling Request Form. Each team will have their own private url to submit your Team Information and Scheduling Requests.  As soon as you register, your Online Scheduling Request Form will be emailed to you.  Coaches can enter and update their own scheduling requests from their own computer. Winter 2021 scheduling requests must be submitted by  December 5th.  Each coach will then be asked to confirm all scheduling requests by reviewing the private web page set up for each team.

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  • We require all NYOBL teams to submit a roster prior to the season start. Each player must play in at least 50% of regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs. 
  • Team Roster Form must be completed by your 1st game

Click here for Team Roster Form

Please print forms and return to front desk or email as attachment to: