Winter 2020-21 MJBL

Boys High School

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Gym Locations

MSC Red & MSC Yellow
Monroe Sports Center
4 Farrington Blvd
Monroe, NJ

Central Jersey Basketball
All NEW Location in Marlboro, NJ

Opening Feb 2021!

all other gym locations and addresses will be listed in the Location column

Please print form and return to front desk or email as attachment to:

****** Players must participate in 50% of regular season games in order to be eligible to play in any playoff games******  Extenuating circumstances such as an injury must be brought to our attention immediately‚Äč




More games will be added shortly.

Day Date Time Location
Sat Jan 2 9:10 PM Somerset Select B9 (62) vs .NJ Wave White (27) MSC Yellow
Sun Jan 3 9:00 PM Shrimp Gang (50) vs BDSA Hoops (49) MSC Yellow
Sat Jan 9 3:30 PM Badeen Basketball B10 (29) vs BDSA Hoops (54) MSC Red
Sat Jan 9 6:30 PM Somerset Select B9 (32) vs .Howell Warriors (31) MSC Red
Sat Jan 9 7:30 PM Teecs Tigers HS (33) vs Shrimp Gang (58) MSC Red
Sat Jan 9 9:10 PM Badeen Basketball B9 (45) vs .NJ Wave White (36) MSC Yellow
Thu Jan 14 8:50 PM Teecs Tigers HS (33) vs Splashers (58) MSC Red
Sat Jan 16 5:10 PM .Go Up Strong HS Gold vs Somerset Select B9 Saints.Peter.&.Paul.Catholic.Church
285 Hamilton Street
Somerset, NJ
Sat Jan 16 7:20 PM .Go Up Strong HS Gold vs Badeen Basketball B10 MSC.Red
Sat Jan 16 8:25 PM .Go Up Strong HS Black vs CJ Hawks HSY MSC.Red
Sat Jan 16 9:30 PM .Go Up Strong HS Black vs Badeen Basketball B9 MSC.Red
Thu Jan 21 8:50 PM Splashers vs BDSA Hoops MSC Red


coming soon

*clinched playoffs



1. Winning percentage between all tied teams (head to head).

2. Winning percentage vs highest ranked common opponent, based on opponent winning percentage, regardless of what division they are in.  Tiebreaker reverts back to head-to-head at any time, if applicable.

3. Winning percentage within division

4. Coin Flip.

note: All tournament games played within the current season against other league teams will NOT count towards each team's league record, but those games WILL count towards the tiebreakers.