MSC/CJB Women's Basketball League Summer 2019 Season

801 State Highway Route 33, Monroe, NJ

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Spring 2020 Season Tips Off week of March 8
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The full regular season schedule is posted.  The standings and playoff schedules are posted at the bottom of the League Schedule page.

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Playoff Schedule

Each Division Winner will receive Championship T-shirts





*clinched playoffs



1. Winning percentage between all tied teams (head to head).

2. Winning percentage vs highest ranked common opponent, based on opponent winning percentage, regardless of what division they are in.  Tiebreaker reverts back to head-to-head at any time, if applicable.

3. Winning percentage within division

4. Coin Flip.

note: All tournament games played within the current season against other league teams will NOT count towards each team's league record, but those games WILL count towards the tiebreakers.