MSC & CJB COVID-19 Policies & Procedures for Basketball Reopening

(June 11) We hope you and your families are staying healthy and safe during these challenging times.  Monroe Sports Center & Central Jersey Basketball are happy to open our doors and provide the opportunity for our customers to resume some sense of normalcy by playing sports as soon as possible. MSC & CJB are officially open as of Mon June 8 with several restrictions in order to keep our customers and staff safe. All court rentals must be made by calling 609-426-4000 or emailing Please note that many of these safety measures and policies are subject to change as restrictions continue to be lifted by the governement.

Restrictions & Safety Measures

1. Any staff member or customer experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 or anyone who has been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the past two weeks should not enter the facility. Any staff member or customer who has traveled to another country or to a state on the quarantine list should not attend any MSC events for 2 weeks following their return.

2. From June 8-21, basketball activity will be limited to court rentals only with strict limits on the number of players on each basketball court. Half Court rentals are $35/hr and are limited to 5 participants on the court, including a coach.  Full Court rentals are $60/hr and are limited to 10 participants on the court, including a coach. Parents may sit on the sidelines during the rental and are suggested to keep social distance and wear a mask. Starting June 22, prices will revert back to the standard basketball court pricing for both full & half courts.

3. During a lesson, it is suggested that each player brings their own basketball and that players only touch their own basketballs. If the player and the coaches all feel comfortable touching the same basketballs, you may choose to do so.

4. From June 8-21, basketball court time will be for 50 minutes or 1 hour and 20 minutes only.  This will allow all customers to leave the court and exit the building before the next customer comes in.  Beginning Mon June 22, court time will return to the full 60 or 90 minute slots, but customers should still wait until the previous customer exits before entering the court

5. Customers will be notified of what court they are on in advance and the parking lot will be divided into sections, based on what sport and what court the customers are playing on.  Directional signs will be posted to instruct customers where to enter and exit each court to avoid as much contact as possible.  Customers will be instructed to enter courts as directly as possible with the intention of avoiding customers having to walk thru the lobby to get to their courts.

6. As much as possible, scheduled court time will be staggered on the Red & Yellow Courts. Red Court rentals will be scheduled on the :15's and Yellow Court rentals will be scheduled on the :45's. This will allow less contact between players entering and exiting the court.

7. Parents are encouraged to drop off older players, and parents of younger players may sit on the court to watch their kids, with a limit of 1 parent/guardian per player. It is recommended that all spectators maintain social distance and wear a mask.  Cleaning spray and paper towels will be left on each court so the coaches and customers can wipe down benches & chairs before and after all court time.

8. There will be no basketballs or scoreboards available.

9. MSC staff will be limited to 1 person at a time behind the desk.  This staff member will be sitting behind a temporary plexiglass partition and will be suggested to have a mask.  The mask should be worn as much as possible, especially when customers are nearby.

10. MSC staff will be responsible for wiping down the lobby tables & chairs as well as door handles and railings every hour.  We have stocked up on hand sanitizer and cleaning spray so we are prepared to keep the faciilty extremely clean.

11. Signs will be put on the bathrooms that say maximum 2 people in the bathroom at one time.  Also, when we send the court assignments each morning, we will send a reminder that players should use the bathroom at home if possible to hopefully avoid using our public restroom, but that the restroom will still be available.

12. Whenever possible, doors will be propped open so customers can avoid touching door handles.

13. All court rentals must be booked in advance and all payments must be made online in advance.  We would like to avoid all transactions at the desk if possible. We would actually like to avoid as much contact between customers and staff at the desk as possible.  With payments being made online, court assignments being emailed in advance and signs directing players right onto and off the court, players should really have no reason to congregate at the desk.

14. Water fountains and vending machines will be shut down and taped off.  Players are reminded to bring their own waterbottles and not share with anyone.

15. Basketball coaches teaching lessons should require payment by Venmo or other electronic platform only to avoid handling cash or checks.

16. Basketball coaches that have a gap in their schedule should either wait in their car or at least limit their movement within the facility as much as possible while they wait for their next lesson.

17. Players must remove all personal items and throw out all trash after play.

18. Walk-in court rentals will not be permitted.



As we all know, there are many different perspectives and risk factors that go into feeling safe during these times. If any customer or staff member does not feel comfortable being at MSC, that is perfectly understandable and you should absolutely stay home until you feel safe. Once again, all makeups and credits will be carried over indefinitely so no money that has previously been spent at MSC will be lost. Click here for a list of all programs with updates and current policies