Upcoming USTA Tournaments

Monroe Sports Center is pleased to announce the upcoming USTA Tennis Tournament schedule:  

Monroe Sports Center Classic (Level 8)

Sun, Aug 19, 2018:

Boys/Girls Singles: 10u

A non-elimination format is a type of draw in which players will play multiple matches regardless of their results in those matches. Non-Elimination Formats will be played as Round Robin or Compass Draws based upon the number of pa

Previous USTA Tournaments:

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Monroe Sports Center Memorial Day Open (DR-L7)

Sat May 26-Mon May 28, 2018:

Boys 12

Left Winner=Matteo Licata

Right Finalist=Nicholas Mekhael

Boys 14

Left Finalist=Paraj Goyal

Right Winner=Kunaal Jaganathan



Boys 16

Left Winner= Ryan Jonnada

Right Finalist=Saurabh Gadre


Monroe Sports Center Adult One-Day Open

Sat Apr 14, 2018:

Winner: Cesar Pernia


Monroe Sports Center Spring Break Showdown (DR-L7)

Sat Mar 31-Sun Apr 1, 2018:

Winner (left) Aaron Phogat

Finalist (right) Pranav Kumar



Winner (right) Isabella Cardinal

Finalist (left) Lada Labas



Winner (left) Hannah Wang

Finalist (right) Aishwarya Muppoor



Winner (left) William Li

Finalist (right) Jon Chin


Monroe Sports Center MLK Open (DR-L7) 

Saturday, January 13 - Sunday, January 14, 2018:



Monroe Sports Center New Year Open

Saturday, January 6 - Sunday, January 7, 2018:
Girls 16U - Champion: Alessandra Armour (L) & Runner-Up: Jackie Eschbach (R)


Monroe Sports Center Memorial Day Open (DR-L7)

Saturday, May 27 - Monday, May 29, 2017:
Boys 12U - Champion: Kunal Jaganathan (R) & Runner-up: Nirbaan Maken (L)
Boys 14U - Champion: Pranav Kumar (R) & Runner-up: Theo Sardain (L)
Boys 16U - Champion: Andre Lai (R) & Runner-up: Andy Li (L)
Monroe Sports Center Spring Break Showdown (DR-L7)
Saturday, April 15 - Sunday, April 16, 2017:
Boys 12U - Champion: Evan Lioul (R) & Runner-up: Nicholas Siforov (L)
Girls 12U - Champion: June Greene (L) & Runner-up: Hannah O'Connor (R)
Boys 16U -Champion: Landon Strober (L) & Runner-up:Levi Veleanu (R) 
Girls 16U - Champion: Sophie Cohen (R) & Runner-up: Haley Nelson (L)
Monroe Sports Center Adult One-Day Open
Saturday, March 25, 2017:

Monroe Sports Center Classic (DR-L7)

Saturday, February 18 - Sunday, February 19, 2017:

Monroe Sports Center Classic (DR-L7)

Saturday, January 14 - Sunday, January 15, 2017:

Monroe Sports Center Kickoff Classic (DR-L7)

Saturday, November 26 - Sunday, November 27:
Champion: Rosemary Esquivel (R) & Runner-up: Charlotte Park (L)
Champion: Martin Long (R) & Runner-up: Abhishek Paramaraj (L)
Champion: James Hopper (R) & Runner-up: Alfred Kandaki (L)
Monroe Sports Center Kickoff Classic (DR-L7)
Friday, October 28 - Sunday, October 30
B12 Champion: Aditya Ramkumar(R) & Runner-up: Bradley Deeds (L)
G12 Champion: June Green (R) & Runner-up: Diana Kalajdzic (L)
B14 Champion: Pranav Nemani (L) & Runner-up: Josh Song (R)
G14 Champion: Molly Jespersen (L) & Runner-up: Adlena Brown (R)
Monroe Sports Center Girls 12s (SR-L5)
Friday, July 22 - Sunday, July 24: SR-L5 Girls' 12 Singles & Doubles
Champion: (L) & Runner-up: (R)
3rd Place Finalist

Monroe Sports Center Boys 14s (SR-L5)
Friday, July 15 - Sunday, July 17: SR-L5 Boys' 14 Singles & Doubles
Champion: Andy Li (L) & Runner-up: Dylan Tull (R)
Champions: Maximus Kim (L) & Dylan Tull (R)            Champion: Connor Laymon(L) & Justin Minerva (R)


Monroe Sports Center Memorial Day Open (DR-L7)
Saturday, May 28 - Monday, May 30: DR-L7 Boys 12u,14u,16u,18u

Monroe Sports Center Adult 1-Day
Champion: Hector Molina-Samalot (L) & Runner-up: Safie Moamen (R)

Monroe Sports Center Spring Break Showdown (DR-L7)
Friday, March 25 - Sunday, March 27: DR-L7 Boys 12u,16u, Girls 12u,16u
12 Boys Runner-up (L) & Champion (R)                              12 Girls Champion (L) & Runner-up (R)
   lleyton Shaw & Anirudh Singh                                            Jocelyn Assael & Anagha Shankar 
16 Boys Runner-up (L) & Finalist (R)                                   16 Girls Runner-up (L) & Champion (R)
 Alfred Kandakai & James Hopper                                             Madison Millsl & Eliza Askarova 

MSC Winter Classic II
14 Girls Champion (L) & Runner-up          14 Boys Champion (L) & Runner-up 
16 Girls Champion (R) & Runner-up     16 Boys Champion (R) & Runner-up



Boys 14u champion (right) Pranav Kumar.
Finalist  (left) Theo Sardain.