Would you like the opportunity to get the top notch coaching offered at Monroe Sports Center, but you live a little too far to travel to Monroe every week? This Small Fry Clinic will be run exactly like the MSC Small Fry Clinic, but will be conveniently located in West Windsor. 



Basketball Training for Beginners


Monroe Sports Center's Small Fry Basketball is perfect for youngsters looking to be active and have fun, while learning the basic fundamentals of basketball. For one hour each week, boys & girls have the opportunity to engage in fun activities and games that teach coordination, footwork, teamwork and other skills instrumental to basketball as well as other sports. Small Fry Basketball players will learn dribbling, passing, shooting and more as part of a progressive curriculum designed to develop each player's game over the course of the 10 week season.  

Small Fry Program:
  • Week 1:  Ball Handling
  • Week 2:  Dribbling
  • Week 3:  Footwork, Body Control
  • Week 4:  Layups
  • Week 5:  Passing & Receiving
  • Week 6:  Rebounding
  • Week 7:  Defense
  • Week 8:  Shooting
  • Week 9:  Offensive Concepts
  • Week 10:  Intro to Game Play


WINTER 2019-20
Day Time Class Dates
Wednesdays 5-6pm

Nov 20 - Feb 5*

Saturdays 9-10am Nov 30 - Feb 1
Fall session will run for 10 weeks          * NO Wednesday classes Dec 25 or Jan 1
Scroll to the bottom of this page for the complete Winter 2019-20 Small Fry Schedule
Day Time Class Dates
Wednesdays 5-6pm

Feb 12 - Apr 15

Saturdays 9-10am Feb 8 - Apr 11
Fall session will run for 10 weeks          
Scroll to the bottom of this page for the complete Winter/Spring 2020 Small Fry Schedule


Single Class Rate: $20/class
Register for 10 or More Classes: $15/class
Players will be asked to select the specific dates you would like to attend.  So if you know in advance that you will have to miss a class, you can just not select those dates and select your makeups (if you want) on the other day of the week.  You will only be charged for the classes you select.  If you select less than 10 total classes, you will be charged the single class rate ($20/class).  If you register for 10 or more total classes, you will be charged the discounted full season rate ($15/class).  


Make-up Policy: Thank you for being a valued customer here at Monroe Sports Center, we do appreciate it and want you to ensure you get the full value for all programs you register for.  In order for us to staff our classes properly you MUST notify the club at info@monroesportscenter.com 24 hours in advance to receive a make-up. Make-ups may be used at any time(space permitting) and players MUST be registered in advance for all make-up classes, no walk-ins permitted.

MSC offers rolling admissions so you can register your child at any time during the session (space permitting). Click register next to the class below. If the class has already started already, the price will automatically be pro-rated. 


Winter Schedule

Wednesday Saturday
Nov 20 Nov 30
Nov 27 Dec 7
Dec 4 Dec 14
Dec 11 Dec 21
Dec 18 Dec 28
Jan 8 Jan 4
Jan 15 Jan 11
Jan 22 Jan 18
Jan 29 Jan 25
Feb 5 Feb 1

Winter/Spring Schedule

Wednesday Saturday
Feb 12 Feb 8
Feb 19 Feb 15
Feb 26 Feb 22
Mar 4 Feb 29
Mar 11 Mar 7
Mar 18 Mar 14
Mar 25 Mar 21
Apr 1 Mar 28
Apr 8 Apr 4
Apr 15 Apr 11