Big East Team Schedules


Gym Locations

MSC Red & MSC Yellow
Monroe Sports Center
4 Farrington Blvd
Monroe, NJ

Central Jersey Basketball
All NEW Location in Marlboro, NJ

2 Timber Lane Marlboro, NJ 07746

all other gym locations and addresses will be listed in the Location column

Please print form and return to front desk or email as attachment to:

****** Players must participate in 50% of regular season games in order to be eligible to play in any playoff games******  Extenuating circumstances such as an injury must be brought to our attention immediately‚Äč




The full regular season schedule is posted.  The standings & playoff schedules are posted at the bottom of the league schedule pages. 


Bailey Basketball B34


Benson Wolfpack


Brick City Elite


CJ Hawks 3Y


CJ Hawks 4B


Clark B4


DSN B2 Trapp


DSN B3 Owens


DSN B4 Owens


Elite Force 4


Fair Haven B3


Falcons Elite 3


Falcons Elite 4


Falcons McGinn


Fort Hoops 3 White


Fort Hoops 3 Blue


Fort Hoops 4 White


Fort Hoops 4 Blue


Fusion B4 Frost


Go Up Strong 3 Black CF


Go Up Strong 3 Gold RS


Holmdel 3


Inferno Nets


Lacey Lions B34


Manalapan 8U


Marlboro Thunder


Melody Lanes Running Rebels


Middletown South 3B


Middletown South B4


Monroe Falcons 3B


Monroe Falcons Cottrell


Monroe Hawks


Montgomery 4 Boys


MSC Hawks Blizzard


MSC Hawks Chill


MSC Hawks Cobalt


MSC Hawks Evergreen


NJ Falcons Acorn


NJ Falcons Black


OC Flight


Oceanport Knights B2


Peak Knights B3 Prospect


Peak Knights B34 Select


Peak Knights B4 Prospect


Point Boro Panthers


Rumson Boys 3


St Gabes 34


Team Takers B3


Wall Boys 23